Our hand-picked team of specialist solicitors advise employees across the UK. Whether you’re happy with the settlement agreement offer, or you’re looking to negotiate a better deal, we can help. 

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Its normal for employers to contribute towards the cost of an employee getting advice from a solicitor on a settlement agreement.  If you’re happy with the settlement agreement terms the employer’s contribution is normally sufficient to cover the costs.  If you want help negotiating a better deal the solicitor will talk to you about the best options available for you. For added peace of mind our panel solicitors will never charge you for initial telephone advice, so you can call and have a confidential and free discussion with a specialist employment solicitor.

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Ask an Expert

Settlement Agreements and Injury to Feelings Awards

Q: Is my payment for injury to feelings exempt from tax? Gemma Sherbourne, Employment Solicitor at Schofield Sweeney Solicitors answers

Settlement Agreement Advice

Q: Why do I need a solicitor to advise me on a settlement agreement? Gorvins Solicitors answers

Derogatory / negative comments about my employer

Q: I am leaving my employment under a settlement agreement and it contains a clause which states that I will not say anything bad about my employer after the termination of my employment. Can they stop me doing this and what would happen if I spoke about them after I’ve signed the agreement? They can’t stop me telling the truth about them, can they? Ian Carey, employment solicitor at Careys Law answers

Settlement Agreements and Post-Termination Restrictions

Q: My settlement agreement introduces new post-termination restrictions stopping me work for a competitor and requiring me to handover all of the information about my LinkedIn contacts and then delete them from my account. I’ve checked my employment contract and there’s no restrictions in there. I’m happy with the financial terms but I’m worried the restrictions will mean I can’t get another job for a while. Any advice?  Darren Tibble, Employment Solicitor and Director of DC Employment Solicitors answers…

Settlement Agreements and Capability

Q: My employer has said I can leave now under a settlement agreement or I’ll be taken down a capability route, after which my employment might be terminated anyway.  What’s involved in a capability procedure and how long would it take? I’m thinking the settlement offer of two months’ pay plus my one month’s notice isn’t great.  What are the pros and cons and is it realistic to ask for a positive reference if my employer is expressing concerns about my performance? Any advice?”

Ian Carey, Principal Solicitor at Careys Law answers…

Settlement Agreement Negotiations

Q: I’ve been offered a settlement agreement because my employer is unhappy with my performance. I think I should sign it and look for a new job but the money I’m being offered won’t tide me over for long. What are the main ways that I can negotiate a higher offer? Julie Taylor, Senior Associate at Gardner Leader law firm answers..

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